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Honrio enjoys motorcycles, vintage mechanical things, photography, design and technology. When we caught him for his everyday carry, we could see that it reflects these passions and are essential items to his day to day routine.

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Are there essential items you can’t live without?

A few members of the Radii team have been following the website Everyday Carry (EDC) since its beginnings in 2009. The site started by taking snapshots of what individuals carry with them on a daily basis.

We’ve always wanted to do our very own Everyday Carry at Radii to share a window into our teams personality and of course to have some fun! So to kick off the Radii Everyday Carry Series, we’ve got Alex Ng’s Personal Everyday Carry. Enjoy!

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Communication! It always comes back down to communication, doesn't it? Communication is at the heart of healthy client relationships for a reason: it involves skills--skills that require years to develop--and emotional labour. Emotional labour demands that you are 100% committed to the client and the topic at hand, building genuine trust through empathy and kindness.

It's a human tendency to try to reduce business down to numbers and cold hard mechanics, but it's an exercise in futility: the result is always a far stretch from the truth of business. Good business requires good relationships, which is a human art. Confidence, trust, bravery to progress through the economy--these things support good client relationships. They take time and patience to develop. Here are five key areas to focus on to improve your client and vendor relationships.

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Welcome to another issue of Geek Links! Geek Links 2!

Geek Links 2 is a quick post of things we found interesting around the web, sometimes cool, sometimes weird, sometimes funny.

On creative leadership

Lovely collection of designer desktops

Infographic: What does your handwriting say about you?

Food for thought: 4 ways slow design will make the super-fast world we live in better

Constraints lead to great design, great article by Lucas Cherkewski

The world's simplest HTML5 WYSIWYG inline editor

More food for thought: Connected UX

The 1936 book that every business person should read--highly recommended reading!

User-centered design research for international users

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