Legacy Websites and Online Systems

Don’t lose your initial investment

When you’ve invested your work, effort and money in a system, you don’t have to let that go to waste as technology progresses. We can leverage the work you’ve done in the past and make it better for the future. By extending the life of your current system, we’re able to offer a more efficient way to manage your technology.

We can assess your existing technology’s capabilities and develop a plan to help you get the most out of it, whether that involves continued support and phased upgrades or a plan for decommission and integration. With any of our legacy systems services, we can help train your administrators to minimize any learning curves.

Legacy system support still available!

Our support and maintenance for current legacy systems includes the necessary upkeep to allow your system to remain functional and relevant. We work to allow you to keep your existing technology without replacing it, protecting your investment and helping to keep your current infrastructure secure. If legacy system integration or modernization isn’t right for your company at the moment, our support will help keep your system running.

Legacy system integration and modernization for your current needs

By moving your legacy software to a modern platform, we can fully update your drivers or, as an alternative, integrate your system into a virtual machine in order to prolong your system’s life while you transition to a fully modern system. We can put you on the path to system modernization through various degrees of integration.

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