Month: May 2012

Creative Facebook timeline covers can help make or break your first impression on this platform. Fortunately, this new Facebook feature has untapped possibilities to showcase your creativity and display your brand in a new and clever way.

Below, we present to you 15 of our favourite highly creative timeline covers to get you thinking. Have one you think should have made the cut? Drop us a note in the comments!

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FITC. The three day Toronto conference blitz that covers all things new media. The Radii team has had the pleasure of attending the inspirational conference for the last couple of years and we thought we’d share our experience at FTIC 2012 with you.

We’ve all noticed FITC’s fairly dramatic shift from a strong Flash focus to a conference that has very little Flash coverage over the past couple of years. This point is really driven home by the fact that they went so far as to change what FITC stands for; from the Flash specific: Flash In The Can, to the more software neutral: Future Innovation Technology Creativity. Although there wasn’t as much flashy eye candy this year (get it?) there were certainly many interesting and inspiring talks. Below are a few of our favorites.

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