Month: February 2013

Content strategy can be the difference between a stale, rarely updated blog swept in the corner of your website and a powerhouse that drives targeted traffic to your doorstep. Content strategy is what fundamentally makes content marketing possible--and extremely relevant to SMBs. If you have a blog on your website--and you should--and a few hours to dedicate to content strategy, you have everything at your fingertips to start driving the traffic you want and building a solid conversation with your audience.

But we know--content strategy can seem daunting, like a buzzword only applicable to large corporate organizations with manpower to spare. Fortunately, the web had leveled the playing field a great deal when it comes to content development and the ability to get it to your audience. In fact, SMBs generally see a higher ROI from their content strategy than large organizations simply because, when executed properly, it's an excellent method to getting found. That's what content strategy comes down to: making the most of your existing structure (you've already invested in a website) and making sure that your message reaches the right people in the most desirable way.

Content strategy doesn't have to be time-consuming or tedious, although you can easily find more detail and data than you could ever hope to apply, as with any marketing research. But we've been in the content strategy trenches and have outlined below a no-nonsense 9-step guide to getting your content strategy done and applied to your online presence.

So put on your marketing and analysis hats and let's get started.

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The new year means new predictions for the web. We've been watching the latest industry trends--taking part in more than a few of them--and seeing where the industry is going. And the overarching theme we're seeing for 2013? Better user experience.

Here are the most prominent and relevant trends we see to be making an impact during this year.

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