Month: April 2013

The best examples of illustrations in web design do more than add a unique, creative touch to the website: they bring together the brand and company behind the website with the site's users to communicate better. In other words, the best illustrations help to convey the purpose the website more effectively.

Depending on the style of the site, many times the best illustrations aren't the largest or the loudest; instead, many excellent web illustrations shine in the details. Likewise, as illustrations are part of the design, their style and mood can (and should) vary with that of the site; so we've included a variety that achieve this effectively. No matter the style, when used appropriately, illustrated elements add personality and flair than can help your audience remember you (see how neatly branding and web design overlap?).

Below, we're focusing on ten well-executed illustrations that add that authentic, personal touch well. Each of these elements have been used to bring out an aspect of their site's experience that would have otherwise gone amiss.

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