Are there essential items you can’t live without?

A few members of the Radii team have been following the website Everyday Carry (EDC) since its beginnings in 2009. The site started by taking snapshots of what individuals carry with them on a daily basis.

We’ve always wanted to do our very own Everyday Carry at Radii to share a window into our teams personality and of course to have some fun! So to kick off the Radii Everyday Carry Series, we’ve got Alex Ng’s Personal Everyday Carry. Enjoy!

Alex Ng - Senior Systems Developer - Personal Everyday Carry:

Everyday Carry - Alex Ng

From top, left to right

  1. Canon S100 digital camera
  2. Jimi wallet for credit cards and IDs
  3. Seiko 5 SNK809 automatic watch
  4. Takeout chopsticks
  5. Maxpedition Mini Pocket Organizer

    • a) SIPIK SK68 Cree Q5 3W LED 300 lumens mini flashlight
    • b) Nivea Hydro Care lip balm
    • c) Parker Jotter ballpoint pen
    • d) Bahco 8069 adjustable wrench
    • e) Zebra F-301 compact ballpoint pen
    • f) Mini duct tape roll
  6. Moleskine notebook
  7. Samsung Galaxy Core LTE
  8. Nitecore MT1C 280 lumens LED mini flashlight
  9. HWI Gear neoprene duty gloves
  10. Car/work keys with Keysmart compact key holder
  11. Home keys with Keysmart compact key holder
  12. Pental Hybrid Technica gel pen
  13. Pental MS50 marker
  14. Pocket tape measure
  15. Leatherman Squirt PS4 multitool
  16. Mesh wallet for cash, coins, lottery tickets

Unfortunately no knives.

Stay tuned for Alex's Work EDC (his laptop bag) . . .