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Strategy & Marketing

Attractive websites need to attract your target audience. Our strategy and marketing solutions are about increasing your visibility and—most importantly—turning leads into clients. Building on compelling, keyword-rich content and proven SEO techniques, we understand the importance of measurable results—and that’s just what we strive to bring.

Search Engine Optimization

We strive to make sure the clients you’re looking for find you on the web. By targeting your industry and fine-tuning your site based on real-time data, our SEO services are focused on getting you conversions, not just traffic. We review your site from every angle and tailor each improvement to getting you closer to your goals. In addition to a free assessment, we offer Setup and Monthly packages.

SEO Setup Includes:

  • Detailed real-data analysis of how your site compares to your competition’s
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Properties account setup
  • XML Sitemap generation and submission
  • Meta titles, keywords, ALT tags and meta descriptions
  • Site content review and recommendation
  • User experience and site design recommendation

Copywriting, Content Writing and Product Descriptions

It’s true—content is king. But is your content ruling, or folding over to the competition? Our writing services provide engaging, SEO-keyword rich content that keeps your audience’s attention, increasing your brand memorability and leading your audience to act. Whether you need new content or a revision of existing content, our writers are ready to make you shine.

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

The ideal counterpart to a good SEO implementation, PPC marketing helps you leverage existing demand for your products and services. Via highly targeted metrics, we use well-written ad copy and industry best practices to increase your conversion rates, reduce your number of dead leads, and stay ahead of the competition. Plus, you’ll see measureable results: each month you’ll receive three reports detailing all the progress your site has made.

Social Media Integration

Social media is an opportunity to reach your audience through new ways to build brand trust and loyalty. Putting you right in your target’s line of sight, social media has the ability to amplify its visibility, increase social validation and keep your business in your visitors’ minds when they’re ready to buy. We understand how to navigate the social waters and can customize your profiles and integrate each into your website.