For this weeks installment of Everyday Carry, we have Jeffrey sharing what he carries on the daily. During the day he is a front-end developer and designer here at Radii, in the evening you can find him at the gym working up a sweat. Check out Jeffrey’s must haves below.


Jeffrey Lee, Graphic Designer/Front-end Developer - Personal Everyday Carry:


1. Nalgene Water Bottle
Keeping hydrated every day is easy with this oversized water bottle

2. Notebook
Handmade Ikea, FULLFÖLJA

3. Chap Stick
Classic Original

4.  Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones in Energy Green
A must for the gym

5. Leather Coach Wallet
Slim and lightweight

6. Pilot Drawing Pen
My go-to pen

7. iPhone 6
Perfect for listening to tunes at office or the gym

8. Car Keys
With my trusty gym membership keychain, of course