Honrio enjoys motorcycles, vintage mechanical things, photography, design and technology. When we caught him for his everyday carry, we could see that it reflects these passions and are essential items to his day to day routine.

Honrio Cham - Principal, Project Lead - Personal Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry - Honrio Cham

From top, left to right

1. Fuji X-Pro1 with Konica Hexanon 50mm Manual Lens
I’m really a Canon guy but with some lens issues lately, I’m loving playing with a Fuji X-Pro1 hand me down from my brother. I’m also getting a kick out going back to using a manual lens. It’s making me think more about the shot and has made photography that much more fun again!

2. Huawei Watch
I prefer vintage things and manual wind watches but wanted to give wearable technology a chance, a potential review on the way perhaps?

3. iPhone 5
Still doing the trick for me but an upgrade on the way soon for sure. Looking forward to an even better camera on the phone so I can lighten my everyday carry.

4. Leather Notepad
I love to carry one but do love using Google Docs as much as possible for the collaborative nature.

5. Fuse
Old bikes, never know when I’ll need one of these for my ironhead . . .

6. Sharpies
Can't beat Sharpies for the quick doodle and the smell!

7. Keys
The more keys you have, the more responsibilities you have . . .

8. Throttle Stickers
Always ready to represent the brand! (www.throttlefmc.com)

9. Lip Balm
Can’t live without it.

10. Hard Graft Leather wallet
Hold's a lot and takes a beating well.

11. Canon S120
I love this point and shoot series from Canon. I started with the S95 but left it on an airplane. I’ve replaced it with this one. I think that everyone will agree, the best camera is the one that you will actually take out and use to capture the memories. This is one of those cameras, it will always be an everyday carry for me.