We get a kick out of helping businesses go digital

17 years ago, the mystique of the web brought us together. Some relished in the freedom to design, while others preferred the magic of technology. Others, still, started thinking about how this new type of media can benefit businesses. It was the marriage of these fundamental ideas that created Radii. And now, years later, we still wake up each morning itching to propel businesses into the digital landscape and beyond.

Who We Are

radii [ray-dee-eye]
Noun, plural
A straight line extending from the center of a circle or sphere to the circumference or surface.

At Radii, the center is your business and our multidisciplinary approach to design, development, marketing and production provides the lines that connect you to the digital world.

We are a Toronto-based interactive company that brings creative design and technical implementation together to produce digital strategies that consistently produce results.

The Team

Young and Experienced. Don’t hold our youthful good looks and wide-eyed optimism against us. For 15 years we’ve been working with highly respected clients to create effective communications online, in print and on brand. We’ve built a small team of unique personalities whose diverse talents add up to huge capabilities.

Join our team

team member Tom Fung
Tom Fung Director, Creative Services
team member Alex Ng
Alex Ng Web Developer & Analyst
team member Becky Tai
Becky Tai Designer
team member Theodore Paris
Theodore Paris Instructional Designer / Videographer
team member Anne Louise Currie
Anne Louise Currie Quality Assurance and Accessibility Manager

Our Vision

To have a hand in helping every company revolutionize its business processes in the digital world.

Our Mission

To make every business go online and thrive.

Our Values

We are trustworthy.

We promise to look out for your best interests. You rely on us and this kind of trust is priceless and irreplaceable.

We execute and improve. Continuously.

We are sticklers for quality and detail. You have deadlines, so we focus on process and project management to make sure your project is executed on time and on budget.

We deliver.

We do what it takes and over-deliver. You expect results and we use our experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to make sure you get them.

We design and develop digital experiences that help businesses succeed in a connected world.

We take a simple approach to our business. We believe that the probability for success is drastically increased when the people involved are enthusiastic about their work. Our team believes that every business should be online and thrive, and when we channel our energies together, we are capable of accomplishing great things. Take a look at what we can do for you.