Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprise collaboration provides solutions that improve communication flow in your business. And better communication means better results, improved client relationships and increased employee engagement. Our solutions have ranged from basic employee communication vehicles to custom integrated systems for a large selection of industries. As each of these solutions is custom built for your business to resolve your efficiency issues, they provide significant immediate and long-term value.

Intranets & Portals

Intranets and portals are an excellent way to make resources and tools available to a select group. Depending on the specific setup, our clients can see improved knowledge management, increased team productivity and a better flow of information.

Enterprise Search

Minimize time spent looking and find what you’re looking for quicker and easier with a robust search solution. Our enterprise search solution is built custom for your needs using a range of technologies such as ColdFusion, Java or .NET.

Document & Records Management

Our document and records management solutions are built custom to your workflow and include tools such as document repositories with multi-faceted classification searches and archives with check-out and tracking features.

Workflow, Forms & Productivity Solutions

A decade of experience enables us to quickly identify which type of solution will best benefit your business. Our solutions automate and integrate to save your team time, effort and cost by eliminating common business obstacles. Depending on your needs, your solution can track statuses, automate frequent activities, improve accurate, and improve your team’s ability to take action.

Sharepoint Solutions

For effective, efficient business collaboration, SharePoint can make a world of difference. We can develop SharePoint to resolve your workflow and communications issues, as well as seamlessly integrate it with other Microsoft products such as .NET applications, Exchange/Outlook and Office 2010. Our clients enjoy interfaces designed in line with their corporate identities, better project management tools and reduced costs through consolidation.