Managed Design Services

What if your business’ design needs were monitored, nurtured and proactively improved to keep you ahead in your competitive landscape? The introduction of Managed Design Services into your business can help to accomplish this.

Quite often with small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), you will find someone in the organization that is ‘kinda-sorta’ in charge of design alongside his or her main duties. And because business travels at an already hectic pace, there really isn’t enough time for them to wear multiple hats. This leads to constant ‘firefighting’, reactively putting out fires as they come, which is hardly a formula for success. This is where a Managed Design Services provider can be useful as they will provide the know-how that enables the reporting and problem-solving of these creative process issues before they snowball.

As a SMB owner, hiring a Managed Design Services provider is like having a team of design strategists working around the clock for your brand. They take on the responsibility of translating your strategy into creative artwork and content for various mediums such as voice, print and the web. With design in mind, they survey your competition and measure the usability of your existing web components to develop initiatives that create differentiation for your business and enhance the user experience for your customers. Through such processes, design can become a strategic asset of your company.

The Managed Design Services Advantage for SMBs:

  1. Increased time to focus on your core business functions
  2. Reduce costs and control operational expenses
  3. Gain a design edge over competitors
  4. Adds a design strategy advisor to your team

A simple example that illustrates the benefits of having a Managed Design Services provider is the case of increased mobile and tablet device usage. This change in how users access the web has required businesses to produce responsive designs. SMBs with an in-house design infrastructure may not be able to react quickly enough to stay abreast of these user needs, leading to expensive paid click- through marketing being wasted because the user reaches a webpage on their device that they cannot properly navigate. But SMBs that were early adopters of Managed Design Services would have already responded with sites optimised for mobile and tablets—and their customers have loved them for it.

By exploring the benefits of Managed Design Services, your load can be lightened, allowing you to focus on your core business functions. In short, Managed Design Services will change the way SMBs work--and that is to work smartly.