Here's our top tech links to start your week off right!

28 Free Slab Serif Fonts

----More than two dozen excellent free fonts chosen by the folks over at Design Mag.

Beautiful Photos of Abandoned Apple G5s

----Ian Lee from sourced some excellent photos of these Macs at his recycling centre.


----Load an image or use one of theirs as an online kaleidoscope

A High Tech Turntable Turns Tree Rings into Piano Music

----Using a PlayStation camera to build a super cool gadget, " 'I rather wanted to see the tree as just one of many documents in an archive of natural objects that bear the record of their development in their own structure,” Traubeck [told] Co.Design."

A Day Made of Glass (video)

----Corning's expanded vision for the future of glass technologies

The Affection Collection: iPad Games for Your Pet

----Proceeds go to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Don't Know What to Get Your Better (Gaming) Half? A Collection of Nerd Valentine Gifts

----A tumblr filled with clever nerd gifts and suggestions

Minimalist Internet Meme Movie Posters

----"London-based designer Stefan Van Zoggel reimagines some of the most viral internet memes of all-time as movies."

How Much Espresso? (Visualization)

----Particularly relevant to many of us at Radii, this visualization explains exactly how much espresso we've consumed.

What the Font?

----Upload a font and find out exactly what it is. Settle those bets once and for all!

HTML5 vs Flash Games (Infographic)

----Learn everything you ever wondered about the difference in online gaming


There you have it! Have you heard any great or interesting news lately? Pass it on our way!