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Our very own Alex Ng, a long-time web developer and general tech guru, recently completed a 116-story high walk around the CN Tower in downtown Toronto—and he wasn’t even fazed. The CN Tower’s EdgeWalk is in a class of its own, recently having been awarded a Guinness World Record for the highest external walk with no railing on a building in the world. Although he admits it was a fun experience, he adds with a chuckle that it wasn’t his idea either.

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Writing on a deadline can be a slippery slope. One minute you’re typing away as if there are dragons breathing on your fingertips, and the next you’re watching cat videos on YouTube, blissfully unaware of the hours passed—and there’s no return.

If you’ve ever faced down a blank word processor one late night in college, you know about writing. Writing doesn’t budge. Writing is a sneaky task that tends to creep up behind you and whisper in your ear that there’s nothing to worry about, that your deadlines loom at far away, harmless distance. It’s the sort of task that can be hard to grasp your fingers around and know with absolute certainty that it won’t unexpectedly morph into an unsatisfactory form as it taunts and daunts and haunts us. Even the most skilled must wield a sharp eye and a quick whip to not let writing get the best of them. Alas, when those of us charged with the task of producing readable content run low on caffeine and high on distractions, we must rely on a sturdy selection of tools to pull us through the mist.

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Hello, World!

It’s us, the Radii blogspeople. We come with open arms and coffee-laden stomachs to welcome you to our happy abode on the net. It’s nice to see you.

We’re curious people, at Radii, and we’re always up to some technical or design mischief, trying out new things and finding new ways of making old things better: we’ll poke and prod code to see what it will do and we’ll test out new programs to make design comps morph into something that would shock and appall the status quo. And when our hands aren’t deep in elbow grease and sticky note ideas, we’re out exploring the web and sharing the cool things out there. We design, create, engineer—and then blog about it. We hope you’ll enjoy our work as much as we do.

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