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One of our graphic designers, Jeffrey, decided to try his hand at designing his own shoe though Nike ID. Nike ID allows you to customize your shoes your way including styling, performance, colour and more!

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Photo books and collages have gained popularity recently, today we'd like to share an awesome feature in Adobe Lightroom that lets you create your own custom photo book!

Start in the Library Module

Create or select a collection of the photos you’d like to be included in your book. Once you have your selection of photos ready, you can order them as to how you would like them viewed in your book. You can come back to this and reorder whenever you like.

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Danielle is always ready for the unexpected in her backpack when travelling to the office using public transit. Her interests include health, fitness, cooking, nail art and photography. As you can see below, this is reflected in what she carries day in and out of the office.

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