Month: March 2012

Stock photography has many upfront benefits to it: it's convenient, usually professional and there's a huge variety of stock images available on the internet. But if you've taken even a cursory glance around the web, especially through corporate websites, you're already aware of its biggest drawback: overused and overabused stock photos. In fact, stock photos appearing on multiple websites has grown so common over the last couple of years that the most popular images are now notorious.

What crosses a customer's mind when they do a quick search for local businesses and see the same images used on each website? It doesn't reflect the quality and uniqueness a business website should convey. So what should you do when an image is needed and that stock photo is whispering temptations?

First, relax. Here are some pro tips to help you check how used your image is or find a less common image for your website.

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