The World According to Us Youth Study Booklet

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

“Turning data into visual information”

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada approached us with a collection of survey results and asked for the design of a captivating booklet to be produced. Design and print production is something we’ve been doing for more than a decade, so we felt right at home.

The Story

After conducting the largest national youth survey in BGCC history, the organization needed to create a booklet to present the findings of their study. With an audience of varying backgrounds, the booklet needed to present data in a clear, concise, and easy to understand manner.

Cater to the visual creature

As humans, we are visual creatures, and the majority of us are visual learners. With this golden principle in mind, our designers set out to translate the data-heavy survey results into easily digestible visual graphics.

Keeping the brand in mind

The Youth Study Booklet project began after branding for the initiative had already been launched by BGCC internally. This meant that we had to design the booklet around the look and feel that was already created. Looking to integrate complementary colours and continue the same design lines, we are happy and excited about the end product.


  • Adobe Creative Suite

The Team

Honrio Cham
Project Lead

Adrian Luo
Graphic Designer

Danielle Pronio
Graphic Designer

The Solution

It was refreshing for us to take part in this youth initiative, and from the feedback we’ve heard through the grapevine, we’re glad that our work has been well received. It’s always great to do good projects, especially ones that contribute to our nation’s Youth and their plans to make a difference in society.