Rogers Red Box Rewards Portal

Rogers Communications

“For the red and proud”

The Need: Create an online employee reward incentive system.

The Must-haves: A system that walks administrators through a contest creation process that includes the ability to set rules for prize distribution. It needed to record sales data through various methods, accurately determine incentive winners, enable prize redemption, and report all results. The overarching goal was to create a central location for all employee groups and business channels to engage.

The Nice-to-have: Integration with the existing Rogers learning system.

We delivered on all three.

Launch Site

The Story

Before the Red Box Rewards portal, various departments within Rogers were required to create and manage employee incentive programs independently. There was redundancy in work effort and employees were required to log into different incentive websites. The concept of the Red Box Rewards portal was to eliminate this overlapping behaviour and create an engaging and easy to manage platform to encourage employee performance.

Contest Setup in Minutes

We built the backbone of the portal on one basic principle: make it easy and intuitive to manage contests. Using ColdFusion and .Net, we created a platform that allowed for contest setups to be done in minutes, supported by an email deployment system and tools for reporting.

Accountable Reporting

Reporting was a key component to the project. We focused on the results-side of the data to ensure that proper activity reporting was available. Redemption also fell into this category, and we went into the detail of providing the ability to securely gather information for tax purposes when the employees redeems within the rewards program.

Incentivize Learning

We integrated the portal with Rogers’ existing learning system. This helped usher employees towards participation in product education and linked learning to the rewards to make up-to-date training something that literally pays off.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CSS/CSS3
  • ColdFusion
  • JavaScript
  • Third-Party API Integration

The Team

Tom Fung
Project Lead

David Yoshida
Development Lead

James Rodgers
Systems Developer

David To
Front-end Developer & Designer

Anne Louise Currie
Quality Assurance

The Outcome

Our biggest lesson: working and learning from the great team at Rogers and rolling up our sleeves to create a complex system that is able to obtain sales data from different areas within a large organization. It really allowed us to develop a methodology for delivering solutions geared for the growing popularity of online employee incentive reward systems.