PACE Credit Union Marketing Visuals

PACE Credit Union

“Refresh = More”

Increased brand awareness and membership of a younger audience through engaging visuals.

The Story

Credit unions have long been associated with great customer service that caters to large associations. However, they also have much to offer to families and individuals. Over the last few years, PACE Credit Union has been consistently expanding its geographical reach. The natural next step was to also increase its appeal to a larger demographic, the younger savvy crowd.

Everyone has a dream

Radii peered deeply into PACE’s tagline, “Let’s see the future together” and decided to focus on creating a utopian like environment where people of all ages had and could achieve their own individual dreams.

Total Makeover

We tackled a brand refresh of PACE Marketing Visuals and created vibrant print design assets to emphasize how PACE could help fulfill anyone’s dreams and goals. Concise, impactful copywriting help drive this message home for existing and potential customers.

Versatility in Design

Our original task was to create a series of in store posters. We ended up evolving this to grow into a style that could be applied across all mediums of communication, from traditional mail inserts, web banners to digital campaign artifacts.


  • Adobe Creative Suite

The Team

Tom Fung
Project Lead

Adrian Luo
Graphic Design

Vincent Luk