ILPA Website Design and Development

Institutional Limited Partners Association

It’s all about the Members

Understanding the diverse needs and delivering the critical features required to satisfy a global membership representing over US $1 trillion of private assets.  

Launch Site

The Story

Having supported the previous ILPA website for 3 years, we were given the opportunity to fully refresh it in 2015 for a release in early January 2016. Focus was placed around ensuring the ease of publishing content, a user experience that is intuitive and that fosters the spirit of education, creating network opportunities and sharing best industry practices.   

Advanced Search

The ILPA has a wealth of knowledge available to its members that continues to grow each day. A key feature of the new website was to allow users to easily locate important information. Emphasis was placed on creating the necessary filters and access points to timely and relevant materials.

Come Join Us

Along with providing information, ILPA enables its members the opportunity to connect. Creating a process to manage and publish industry events, seminars, workshops, webcasts, and networking functions makes it easy for members to get involved.  

AMS Integration

In order to provide the most seamless experience for members, integration with ILPA’s Association Management Software (AMS) was a must. Allowing members to access key AMS data and functionality from the website brings efficiencies to the organization.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • WordPress
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Google Maps API

The Team

Tom Fung
Account Manager

David Yoshida
Systems Lead

Alex Ng
Systems Developer

Adrian Luo
Frontend Developer / Designer

Jeffrey Lee
Frontend Developer / Designer

Honrio Cham
Project Manager

The Outcome

The new website is available for use on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. It has been well received by both the ILPA Membership and ILPA Staff who are now able to devote more time to supporting their members and their day to day needs. This implementation has already sparked discussions for future enhancements and value added features. We look forward to addressing these challenges and the next phase of this ILPA Website Design and Development Project.