IDEXX Laboratories UK

“Giving Back The Knowledge”

As pet owners, we’re always excited to work on initiatives that support and better the global animal health community.

Launch Site

The Story

IDEXX UK, a division of our long-time partner IDEXX Laboratories learned of our recent work of visually mapping test results for their Canadian location. Instantly, they made the connection of how this approach could be used to showcase how antibiotics tested against isolates in the UK. We were able to take their data collected from the last five years for the top 10 antibiotics and top 10 isolates and show geographical resistance patterns across UK, in both a visual and tabulated fashion.

Leveraging New Technology

It’s always great when we are trusted to make recommendations on the technology that will be used for the job. We chose an implementation based on .NET with Bootstrap and Google Maps integration for this deployment.

Multi-platform Friendly

IDEXX UK needed this website to be responsive and accessible from as many devices as possible. We worked closely with the UK team to deploy an interface that suited their needs, and at the same time, was in line with their current online initiatives.

Rapid Turnaround

Being “across the pond” in Toronto, Canada, did not stop us from working closely with the IDEXX UK team. We were able to navigate through the festive holiday season and deliver the site on time as planned.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • HTML5
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Google Maps API

The Team

Honrio Cham
Project Lead

Alex Ng
Development Lead

Adrian Luo
Front-end Developer & Designer

Jason Fang
Development Support

The Outcome

IDEXX UK is looking forward to adding more isolate and antibiotic information, website enhancements and regular quarterly data updates for academics and industry partners. This initiative brings light to the unique microbiology testing options at IDEXX and is a contribution of knowledge to their market place. IDEXX continues to demonstrate that they are leaders in pet healthcare innovation.