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“Over the years Radii has become an integral part of our extending marketing team. They consistently meet and surpass our expectations by taking the time to understand the project needs and developing a comprehensive and timely plan.”

Jonas Goring, Marketing Manager, IDEXX Canada

The Story

Each year IDEXX releases their Directory of Services, an extensive catalogue detailing the most popular tests available in the upcoming year. As an international leader in the veterinary industry, the Directory of Products and Services, or DoPS, is a critical collateral piece for their business. Containing an immense database of information, this project could easily be daunting to the uninitiated. Fortunately, Radii has worked alongside IDEXX for many years, managing multiple creative projects. This year we put our experience and preparation to the test with exceptional results.

Sculpted for the Canadian Market

Key in the production of a DoPS best suited for Canada is the creation of both English and French versions. A second language is always challenging, as it affects the general layout of the piece. We used IDEXX’s translation resources and worked to create a design that proved both consistent with IDEXX’s international brand and spoke specifically to the entire Canadian audience.

Accuracy and Quality Assurance

Accuracy was crucial, especially as the DoPS releases new pricing information, directly affecting business. Multiple meetings and Quality Assurance reviews were undertaken to make sure there was no decimal left unchecked. Attending to a specific work back schedule, our team with collaboration from IDEXX, met each milestone to get the booklets printed on time.

Organization for a better user experience

Colour-coded sections ensure a coherent theme throughout the booklet, along with a consistency in styles and formatting for easy reading. Tabs separate and itemize the listings for better organization and quicker use. With just under two hundred pages, ensuring that the content is correct and accurately displayed required a fine-toothed comb and an endless supply of patient determination.


  • Adobe Creative Suite

The Team

Honrio Cham
Project Managment

Anne Louise Currie
Quality Assurance

Danielle Pronio

Continuing Success and Collaboration

As with every year, Radii is proud to have contributed to the IDEXX team. The directory we produced has been distributed across facilities throughout the nation. Our ongoing relationship has proved fruitful and we’re looking forward to tackling the next IDEXX Canada project.