Flex Your Head Promoting Positive Youth Mental Health

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

“Are you ready to FLEX?”

Only one in five youth who experience mental health difficulties ever seek out and receive help. What could we do to change this?

Launch Site

The Story

With the generous support of Astra Zeneca, Radii teamed up with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada to “webify” their in-person training for their universal mental health program for youth, Flex Your Head. The new online platform for the program needed to be engaging, track users progress and allow for payment of key course materials.

Content is King

Radii worked closely with Taylor Newberry Consulting to rework the materials that they authored for optimal web presentation. 7 modules lasting 8 to 15 minutes each were created with carefully crafted copy, video, quizzes, activities and illustrations.

Enjoyable Impressions

It’s more important than ever with online learning to make participants feel that they are never alone. Radii created user journeys so all users can reach out for assistance at any given time and receive proactive encouragement and input as they make their way through the modules.

Technically Sound

Flex Your Head has been optimized for viewing on a wide array of devices and is hosted within Radii’s data centre here in Toronto, Canada.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Website Hosting

The Team

Honrio Cham
Project Lead

Adrian Luo
Front-end Developer & Designer

David Yoshida
Development Lead

Alex Ng
Systems Developer

Danielle Pronio
Graphic Designer

Vincent Luk
Copy Writing

The Outcome

BGCC will be promoting Flex Your Head to its clubs during the new school year in 2015. They are excited about the new medium of training for their facilitators and look forward to creating enhancements and adding additional modules in the future.