Website Brand Refresh


“New Name, Refreshed Look”

There’s no mistaking the same innovation and outlook.

Launch Site

The Story

It’s always a difficult decision to change a firms name. InvestorCom came to being when its previous name InvestorPOS became strategically tied to a specific key product within its wealth of offerings. Radii was asked to refresh the company brand and website with the key goal of making sure to keep the brand recognition that customers have grown used to over the year.

Flexible Vectors

During this refresh, Radii introduced vector based illustrations that are used throughout the website to convey processes and workflow. These assets were perfect for updating traditional corporate materials as well.

Get the Word Out

The new refresh included a blog component for InvestorCom to easily publish and broadcast news to its immediate audience and potential customers. A great addition during this time of change.

Streamlined Processes

InvestorCOM hosts regular webinars and wanted an easy way to sign up online. Radii worked with specific InvestorCom requirements to introduce a new flow for this process.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • WordPress

The Team

Tom Fung
Project Manager

Jason Fang
Systems Developer

Chantal D'Silva
Graphic Designer

Adrian Luo
Front-End Developer

The Outcome

InvestorCom has been a partner of Radii for many years. It’s exciting to see how they have grown and evolved. We’re glad that we can say we’ve been able to assist their efforts during key transitional periods and continue to support them on a day to day basis.