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Destination: Red Box Travels

Can you think of a more enjoyable project than one focused on exotic travel destinations? The Red Box Travel project was conceptualized to create awareness and involvement for employee reward incentives. It required support for multiple, unique incentive sites that would serve different employee groups. Our answer to this was to utilize the capabilities of WordPress’ multisite platform to support all of the possible destination-based incentive programs offered at Rogers.

The Story

The Red Box Travel portal is a set of sites that represents individual incentive programs through the Rogers organization. Rogers wanted a scalable solution that could easily expand and house more destination- based incentive websites. The project required a responsive site design that would act as the hub for campaigns to promote their travel rewards.

More on the way

We used the WP multisite platform to create a system with a core set of features that could be used for subsites. Each site within the system can be managed independently, have it’s own unique look and content, while sharing common features. The convenient thing is, new sites can be created easily and have access to the common features immediately. WordPress multisite provides both a cost-effective and future-friendly backbone for the Red Box Travel campaigns.

Participant filters

With a salesforce of over 11,000 across Canada, multiuser security was a requirement for the project. We created easy-to-administrate participant filters to allow the assignment of user access to the different sites.

Dedicated hosting

We provided dedicated hosting for this portal so that we could give optimal support and provide the client with a single source for any troubleshooting issues that may arise.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • CSS/CSS3
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • Third-Party API Integration

The Team

Tom Fung
Project Lead

James Rodgers
Project Coordination

Jason Fang
Development Lead

David To
Front-end Designer & Developer

The Outcome

We’ve always loved WordPress for its robust capabilities, and in this project, we proved via its multisite platform that it’s a great web development tool to work with. Rogers loves what we’ve done, and we look forward to creating more cost-effective sites based on the WP platform that will meet the high expectations of national clients.