OPTrust Annual Report


The Bottomline . . .Go Green!

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The Story

Vault Solutions approached us to participate in the production of the OPTrust 2010 Annual Report. This project has been a partnership of the two companies since 2002, so we were excited to continue with this year’s report. For 2010, OPTrust continued on their path to a greener delivery of its annual report: this year’s report saw 90% fewer books printed than in years past. As a result, once the print design and layout were finalized, emphasis was placed on improving the web annual report interface. We improved navigation and usability, and collaborated with Vault, OPTrust Marketing and Communications, IT and various external vendors to provide a new, greener annual report.

Humanistic Approach

OPTrust wanted a brighter, friendlier feel to this year’s annual report, so we introduced a complimentary colour palette and included humanistic fonts and custom photography. To make the report even more focused on the readers, we included multiple accessibility and help options, such as font size choices and tips for browsing the web annual report.

Mail and Email Blasting

It was important for OPTrust to be able to notify their members to let them know how they could access the report. We created a direct mail piece and an email blasting component to allow easy emailing for notifications, surveys and feedback. Staying in style with the annual report, we designed an email template for attractive and professional correspondence.


We improved the navigation through easy-to-search drop down and rollover menus. This helped viewers find the information they needed quickly and easily.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • ColdFusion
  • jQuery
  • Adobe Flash

The Team

Vault Solutions
Project Management

Honrio Cham
Radii Project Lead

David To
Graphic/Interactive Design

Mark Appleby
Interactive Design and Development

William Entwistle
Implementation and Integration

Danielle Pronio
Quality Assurance

Personal Perspectives

Displaying OPTrust’s personable nature was all about interactivity. We incorporated plenty of aesthetic touches through Flash animation to an interactive catalogue of OPTrust members so viewers can learn about the people behind the annual report in an engaging manner.

Information Graphics

Likewise, we also added a series of graphs and charts with sorting and pop-out features to better convey the facts and figures.

The Outcome

OPTrust was pleased with the end result. Radii was able to capture their requirements, translate them visually in a traditional print format while leveraging online technology to give their audience the best impression and experience across all mediums.