IDEXX Real-Time Pet Disease Reporting

IDEXX Laboratories

“The Most Valuable Information is in Real-Time”

Imagine: Prevention, early detection, and timely response. IDEXX Laboratories gave us the opportunity to help with just that, and improve the overall health of the pet community by providing a platform for clinics to provide critical data. As pet owners ourselves, we jumped at the opportunity!

Launch Site

The Story

Our long-time partner IDEXX Laboratories came to us with a technological proposition: to create a site that reports major pet diseases by location, in real-time. The purpose was to track and report the prevalence of these diseases, so that veterinarians, technicians, pet owners and the general public can become more aware about the immediate risk of disease for their pets. It would be an industry first. We’re always excited to be part of initiatives that are firsts, and IDEXX continues to provide us with such opportunities.

Real-time requires real tech

To make the site work as required by IDEXX, we coupled a .NET backend with the latest Google APIs to enable indicators for mapping the exact locations where positive results are recorded in real-time for a certain disease.

Let’s get visual

We created the site to enable searching by postal code and showing visual results on a real-time map. Knowing the exact area and its proximity to your own location in real-time makes all the difference in understanding the level of risk your pet has towards a certain disease.

Printer-friendly: handy and useful

Intended as a tool for veterinarians, technicians, and pet owners, our development must-haves included the setup and ability to print mapped results and data by region in optimal resolution and layout via most browsers. Clinics have the option to white label these materials as needed.


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • CSS/CSS3
  • Third-Party API Integration
  • Google Maps API

The Team

Honrio Cham
Project Lead

Alex Ng
Systems Developer

Adrian Luo
Front-end Designer & Developer

Danielle Pronio
Graphic Designer

James Rodgers
Quality Assurance

The Outcome

After its first year, the Real-Time Pet Disease Reporting site has a clinic buy-in and adoption rate that exceeds IDEXX’s initial projections. Both clinics and pet owners have given tremendously glowing feedback. We built the system to be intuitive, easy to maintain, and scalable. With the ability to add more diseases and custom enhancements, we look forward to helping IDEXX grow the reach of this important data.