Honda and Acura Leasing Videos

Honda Canada

“Videos worth getting into”

Honda Financial Services asked us to make videos to showcase the benefits of their Lease, Lease Guard, and Honda/Acura Plus programs. Most of us grew up with Hondas, so it was a privilege to be able to put together the creatives for this marketing campaign.

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The Story

Leasing is becoming a popular choice, but HFS really wanted something that could engage their customers and show them the benefits of leasing and other Honda programs in an entertaining way. Our job was to create two sets of visual stories to do just that. One fun, youthful, and energetic for Honda, and an elegant and sophisticated feel for the Acura banner. These videos would be broadcasted nationally at dealerships, on Honda/Acura web assets, and YouTube.

Storyboarding with animatics

When we sat down to sketch and conceptualize each video, we went beyond regular storyboarding by using animatics. This gave HFS a clear idea of how the visuals will transition before moving on to a detailed production of the videos.

Original music composition

The soundtracks for the videos were an integral part of the project. Since the videos did not feature any voice narrative, we composed music to help tell the story and complement the text and visuals. For the Honda video set especially, we were given the creative freedom to compose all-original music.

Making scenes “jump”

We had access to Honda’s library of great photography and were given a free-hand on creating video elements that would make their photo assets come to life. We combined illustrations, existing photography and motion graphics to create visually appealing and impactful scenes.


  • Adobe Creative Suite

The Team

Tom Fung
Project Lead

George Wong
Account Direction

Adrian Luo
Designer & Illustrator

Ted Paris
Video Production

The Outcome

Kudos to Honda, as we can see how much hard work and dedication is required to produce such class-leading vehicles. It was with this same spirit that we approached the project to fine-tune these videos into the product awareness campaign HFS was looking for.