Educators Financial Kickstart Challenge

Educators Financial Group

“Qualifying a target audience enables more successful Drip campaigns”

Launch Site

The Story

Created in 1975, Educators Financial Group (EFG) is owned by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation. Its sole purpose is to provide mortgages, financial advice, and planning to members of the education community. When EFG approached us, they wanted a way to identify education professionals in key demographic groups and determine their financial well being while obtaining their contact information in a fun and engaging manner. With this information in hand, they planned to provide targeted educational materials that would help these identified individuals to build their financial future and to provide them with information about the EFG financial products that best-suited them.

Kickstarting a Relationship

In response to their needs, we created the “Educators Kickstart Challenge”.  The idea was to have a mini-site dedicated to attracting their target audience to participate in a questionnaire and extracting the information required by EFG. This mini-site would be supported with print ads in trade journals, web banners, social media and industry conferences.

All In the (Decision) Trees

In order to accumulate the right data, we used decision tree logic to create our survey. The result of the survey would bring each participant into 1 of 6 groups defined by EFG. This data would then be easily exported for further analysis.

Targeted Lead Generation

Through the combination of the Educators Kickstart Challenge mini-site and our survey based on a decision tree model, we were able to identify 3000+ qualified leads for EFG to use. The information has been merged successfully into their drip marketing campaigns, allowing them to make the correct decisions and bring this targeted demographic closer to EFG’s product offering.


  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • AJAX
  • JSON
  • Third-Party API Integration
  • Website Hosting

The Team

Honrio Cham
Project Lead

Alex Ng
Systems Developer

Adrian Luo
Front End Developer & Designer

More Targeted, Better Results

A more targeted audience means better marketing results–and EFG knew this when they first approached us. With our help, Educators’ Kickstart Challenge attracted over 3000 users within the first month. The participation rate has been steadily growing each month. This project targeted only one of the many segments in EFG’s industry and we’re looking for ways to reach the other demographic groups in their community as we continue to support this app and provide hosting for EFG’s web properties.