It’s not a secret that we love both WordPress and Shopify here at Radii. So we are very pleased to see Shopify release their Ecommerce Plugin for WordPress along with 3 new themes.

WordPress users and fans will be able to continue to benefit from the ease of publishing and SEO benefits of WordPress while using Shopify to manage the more “complex” ecommerce features like, inventory, payment, taxes, secure checkout, shipping and fulfillment.

The Shopify Ecommerce Plugin and the 3 themes are free at the moment. Existing Shopify merchants can download and start using at no additional cost. New users can start selling for $9/month and also benefit from other perks of Shopify like Shopify POS for iOS and Android, Facebook shop, and Shopify’s great 24/7 support.

It’s worth a look and we’ll be keeping an eye on Shopify and WordPress for future developments on this front.

Shopify and WordPress - Hype by Themezilla

Hype Shopify and WordPress Theme

Shopify and WordPress - Simple by Themify

Simple Shopify and WordPress Theme


Shopify and WordPress - Pulse by Ultralinx

Pulse Shopify and WordPress Theme


Theme Photos: From Shopify