We recently launched the new Power Link website. Unlike many website redesigns, the new Power Link website refresh involved integrating two other service websites into the main site, including logins. Why was this so important? By integrating everything into the same site, we were able to provide a greatly improved user experience; now users can manage all their Power Link ongoings without needing to hit multiple URLS and use multiple logins.

We also recreated the website on WordPress, allowing for easier internal management. Now the Power Link staff can easily update their information with promotions, news and events. In this case, simplicity really was the best solution and a major theme in creating an improved Power Link experience.

In addition to the website redesign, we also redesigned the Power Link logo and created a new logo for their Express Yourself courier service. Focusing on a clean, modern look, we brought out Power Link's straightforward and professional aspects. We also created completely new content, including more information and sections to better aid the users. Be sure to check it out for yourself!