It's been a very rewarding season for us at Radii so far. After the Raising the Grade website launched in early October, clubs across the nation have started enrolling students and putting the work of the entire project team from Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, Rogers Youth Fund and Radii to good use. As more clubs join in on the Raising the Grade program, participation and enthusiam are high all around. From our perspective, having built the Raising the Grade online platform from the ground up, it's great to see students engaged in the program and making the most out of it. And with Rogers fully behind it and ample positive feedback from the youth and mentors, what could be more rewarding?

The positive response from the community and local enthusiasm makes us love our jobs even more. From launches nearby to launches provinces away, hundreds of youth can now access digital learning modules, personal e-Portfolios and useful resources through the website. It's an excellent example of technology bringing people together and improving lives.

Of course, this is just the beginning. We're continuing to work with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada and Rogers Youth Fund to support the Raising the Grade platform and help the program reach its potential. In the meantime, be sure to check out the Raising the Grade blog to find out more or to get involved!