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Let's get one thing clear: social media matters. Unfortunately, like many perfectly valid pursuits undermined by the high ratio of teenagers doing them (okay, not many), social media is often an afterthought--if it isn't shrugged off entirely. From a business perspective, it deserves to be taken seriously. And by "seriously," we mean that it is worthy of effort and intention, not that it has to be (or should be, in any manner) approached with the same dry ploys of direct mail marketing or the stale sincerity of the decade-old spam collecting cyberdust in unread email folders.

But even those who embrace social media often overlook one very important element--the user experience. Social media is an organic, interaction-based organism. Without an effort to intentionally include social media into a comprehensive web initiative from the ground up, it will suffer. So how exactly does user experience fit in with social media?

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There's a saying in Marketing 101: hunt where the buffalo are. Your target market is already spending time on social media, but as a small business--especially B2B--you may not be sure social media is right for your type of business. But it absolutely is!

As a small business, a solid social media initiative can bring about one of the highest ROIs of any marketing technique. Here's ten reasons social media is perfect for small businesses and why your small business can't afford to miss out.

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Creative Facebook timeline covers can help make or break your first impression on this platform. Fortunately, this new Facebook feature has untapped possibilities to showcase your creativity and display your brand in a new and clever way.

Below, we present to you 15 of our favourite highly creative timeline covers to get you thinking. Have one you think should have made the cut? Drop us a note in the comments!

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