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We've all seen zombie copy--it's what lurks around the dark corners of even well-meaning websites. Copy they thought no one would read. Copy that was filled with over-used keywords and spicy catchphrases shoved into a faux-professional skin. Copy that, despite their best efforts, wasn't quite human.

It's usually the result of an attempt at content marketing via SEO, probably shrugged off because "no one reads that stuff anyway." It might even look good to other zombies, had they functional eyes and brains. But the problem is that mindless, impersonal, senseless copy drives away your mindful, wallet-watching customers.

And those are the ones that matter.

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It's true--content is king. The power to make or break your website, to land or lose a lead, lies in the copy. When a potential client lands on your website, an impression will be formed in their mind within seconds. Studies have shown that the very first thing a visitor notices is the design and overall aesthetics of the website--which can certainly be impressing itself--but the ultimate deciding factor is the message that the copy delivers.

As the web continues to evolve and it becomes even more commonplace for businesses of all sizes to have websites, excuses for bad web copy are diminishing rapidly. But what defines "bad web copy"?

We've outlined seven common web copy mistakes that can turn away potential clients.

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