It's almost hard to believe we've finished our first week of 2012; it's flown by so quickly. We've been busy setting our goals for this year and aligning our workflow practices to meet them. In the course of looking to the future, we've scoured the internet seeking the best examples of out-of-the-box inspiration--this time, with crazy and clever typography. Enjoy!

Above is the beautiful paper typography Sabeena Karnik she created for the Tanishq Jewellery line.

This is "bandpile," created by Erik Berger. According to typegoodness, he was "asked to create a typeface using found materials." He came up with a very cool, very colourful solution.


The Devil's Rope by Andrew Effendy serves as an "allusion of language as a barricade," says typegoodness. But we don't see it as sinister. We think it was a creative way to use script to mark locations--after all, words are used to draw lines.

Next up we have a type created with magnetized iron filings. How cool is that? Dominic Le-Hair cut out rubber magnets to align the filings to the shapes he wanted.

This one is one of my personal favourites. BureauBruneau used a model train set to create a super unique type with plenty of character. Using objects to create letters adds so much extra meaning to them, and in the right context, the perfect zest to a design.

Books are such a great resource for inspiration, why not use them to make a point? That's just what Isaac Salazar has done. According to Recyclart, he uses anything that "invokes inspiration or encouragement." Well done.

This is "Handschrift" by Jose Ernesto Rodriguez. His Behance site has a very cool video showing how he made the font from his hands and a scanner.

This is one of the craziest typefaces we've seen in a while. Rusian Khasanov has created "Liquid type in motion." Definitely worth a look to see the strange and aesthetic animations on his site.

This was created by Veronica Falsen Hiis, who found a smart new use for snow. Good thing, too--because we have plenty here!

According to TypographyServed, this was created for the Royal Museum for Central Africa in Tervuren. Great use of a theme and very nicely configured letters!

"Delights," shown as the thumbnail for this post, was created by the AJF Partnership.

Have you seen an extraordinary experimental typeface lately? Share with us in the comments!

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